From British classic to Caribbean icon, Moke has become the must-have emblem of carefree chic. In 2017, freedom comes home. Introducing Moke America. A 20th-century collectable car with 21st-century sex appeal, available exclusively in the USA. 

What began in the 1950s as a military invention of ingenuity and portability, became the icon of breezy style for decades to come.

Something fresh. Something new. Something that epitomized out-of-the-box thinking. ... This was the challenge facing the British army in the late 1950s. But when the British army turned to the British Motor Company, the BMC turned to Alec Issigonis — the father of the original Austin Mini.

Alec Issigonis had no idea the car he designed to be parachuted from the skies would become the open-skies vehicle preferred by the stars. From Brigitte Bardot to Princess Margaret, Emperor Rosko to the Beach Boys, Moke became a magnet for breezy, easy chic. 

This 20th-century classic now has 21st-century appeal, with sexy new features and an engine that’s geared for the future.

Sixty years after cruising the decks of a British aircraft carrier, and fifty years after appearing on the British TV series , Moke has made its mark.

The Moke (rhymes with “bloke,” derived from Brit slang for “donkey”) is far from an ordinary beast. This timeless classic is a passport for fun and adventure, from the roads of Saint Barts to your own backdoor. 

Available exclusively in America, today’s Moke stays true to its roots while keeping its headlights on the future. This limited edition of collectable classics is upgraded and re-engineered for a new generation. More leg room, expanded trunk space, a kickin’ sound system, and more, are powered carbon-free. Even better, Moke’s top-of-the-line lithium battery charges from any standard, three-prong plug.