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Yes! Moke America is fully electric. Plug it into any 110-outlet to charge it. A full charge goes for 40 miles. A full charge takes 8 hours. It's super easy!

We also sell a gas version of the Moke, which is only available for purchase outside the United States. For more information about international sales, please contact

We split the payment in two: There’s a 50% Deposit Fee due today

This is based on how you customize your Moke +


3% shipping surcharge (on base price)


Delivery Fee (based on region)


4% Credit Card Fee


Payment Due At Shipment


Remaining 50% Fee (based on how you customize your Moke)


4% Credit Card Fee


You will only be charged a 50% DEPOSIT fee today, plus 3% shipping surcharge (on the base price), delivery charge (based on what state you live in) and 4% credit card fee. 

You can pay by wire transfer, which has no fee. Please email if you prefer to pay by wire transfer.

The customization of your Moke takes approximately 160 days. The balance will be due upon scheduled delivery. To register your vehicle, fees and sales tax will be due as required by local/state governing authority.

Delivery charges are based upon location and can vary based on fluctuating trucking rates.


There's also a 3% shipping surcharge (on the base price) and credit card charge of 4%. Sales Tax will be paid upon delivery of your Moke and varies by state. For vehicle registration, fees will be due as required by local/state governing authority.

Each Moke is built to order. It takes approximately 160 days from the day you customize and order your car (with deposit) to delivery.

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