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Delivering Happiness

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Did you know we deliver right to your home? Customize your Moke online with a choice of 12 different colors and add-on features like a Bimini top, wooden steering wheel, blackout rims or bench in the back. It takes 90 days from checkout to cruising, and we're delivering fresh breezes for summer. Because sunshine days call for stylish rides. 

Electric & Local 
Moke America started as an eco-friendly company, and remains committed to electric-powered technology to this day. Being green is the foundation of our business. Our street legal, electric Mokes are low impact in so many ways: They promote local driving, perfect for trips around your neighborhood and to the beach, lake or farmer's market. Now is the moment to enjoy all that your community has to offer.  

Our Mokes are so easy to charge. Simply plug into any 110 outlet and that's it. No special charging stations required. Electric technology is here to stay and we love being green. We are the good vibe ride you need in your life now. Happy Moking!

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