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High Performance Charger/Maintainer

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We are thrilled to introduce a new product for your electric Moke, which will enhance the performance of your battery and overall experience. 

Utilizing intuitive charging technology, this High Performance Charger/Maintainer maintains the life of your batteries. It has the ability to charge the batteries continuously, perfect for when you're storing it for winter or on vacation. Never have a dead battery again!

Plus, it is app-enabled so you can check on the status of your battery life from your phone (up to 30 feet away from your Moke). 

Make sure to add the High Performance Charger/Maintainer to your cart when purchasing your Moke. It will be installed at our factory in Sarasota, FL. The cost is $895, and it can be added to your cart during the customization process. We highly recommend this new feature for your electric Moke. 

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