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A Merry Moke Christmas For Kris Jenner

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Reality TV star Kris Jenner received her Christmas present in LA: A fully customized electric vehicle from Moke America. Moke America is the most coveted, and only electric, Moke in America. Moke America CEO Todd Rome personally delivered the orange Moke to his friend Kris Jenner. Jenner was amazed by all of vehicle's features, including the fact that it is fully electric and plugs into any household outlet. 

From British classic to Caribbean icon, Moke has become a symbol of fun in the sun. It’s only fitting that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians matriarch will be driving around in a Moke America electric vehicle, as nothing screams fun like the Kardashian clan. 

The Moke (rhymes with “bloke”) is versatile, carbon-free and efficient. This upgraded version has more—more legroom, expanded trunk space, a kickin’ sound system and sex appeal. The Moke stays true to its roots while keeping its headlights on the future.

Enjoy your new Moke, Kris! Happy Holidays from Moke America!

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