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The Details Make The Difference

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Why Moke America? While we are superfans of the original Moke, we recognized that the buggy had some flaws. So, at Moke America, we have reengineered the entire vehicle, while keeping Moke’s classic design and spirit alive.

We made the car bigger, wider and stronger. Our car is 2,300 pounds. It's the heaviest Moke ever built. It feels sturdier than the old Mokes. We raised the wheel from a 13-inch wheel to a 14-inch wheel, so it’s taller. We redesigned the windshield so the glass is larger, stands across farther and is higher. We implemented a five step E-Dip process to control the quality of the paint. We also do undercarriage rust-proofing to prevent corrosion.

Most importantly, we wanted the Moke to be green. So, we went electric. Plug it into any household outlet. Eight hours gets a full charge, and a full charge can get you almost forty miles of drive time. Aside from the eco-friendly impact, there’s also no noise. The old Mokes had engines that were very loud. With ours, it's silent when you drive.

Moke America is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) with a maximum speed of 25 MPH. Moke America vehicles are street legal. To find out more, please click here.  

Don’t let the copies fool you. We are sturdier, better and more reliable than the competition. And we are the only electric Moke in America.

Photos by Romain Maurice Photography

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